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AEHRA partners with Miba to develop EV batteries for SUVs and sedans

AEHRA, an Italian EV brand, is working with Austrian battery provider Miba Battery Systems to create bespoke battery solutions for its SUV and Sedan models.

The technical partnership with Miba will allow AEHRA to improve its SUV and Sedan battery technologies. AEHRA plans to deliver 800 km (497 miles) of range using a 120 kWh battery. AEHRA is aiming for peak voltage of 925 V at full charge and charging speed of up to 350 kW. Miba develops and manufactures battery solutions at its VOLTfactory in Austria, and will supply AEHRA with a battery incorporating its FLEXcooler cooling system. 

AEHRA also plans to offer bidirectional charging so consumers can utilize vehicle battery electricity to power their houses. A 100-120 kWh automobile battery can power a home 10 times longer than a standard house battery, the company said.

“Our battery technology will include provisions to support bidirectional charging, giving customers the ability to return electricity to the grid and power their homes,” said AEHRA CEO Franco Cimatti. “This will prove particularly useful to customers who power their homes using solar energy harvested from photovoltaic panels.”

Source: AEHRA

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