ZF launches electric two-speed drive

German parts maker ZF has launched a two-speed electric axle drive system for passenger cars. The drive, which integrates an electric motor with a shift element and power electronics, is compatible with standard-sized and compact cars. The modular design enables it to be scaled up for sports vehicles, according to the company, allowing manufacturers to select between emphasis on efficiency or performance.

To increase the system’s performance rating, ZF developed an electric motor with a maximum power rating of 140 kW coupled with a two-stage shift element. The two-speed drive extends range by up to five percent, according to ZF. The system can connect to a vehicle’s CAN communication bus for added shift strategies designed to conserve energy depending on topography and distance to the nearest charging station.

Bert Hellwig, Head of System House at ZF’s E-Mobility division, said, “Until now, with electric motors, vehicle manufacturers have had to choose between high initial torque and a high top speed. We are now resolving this conflict and the new drive will be compatible for performance and heavier vehicles – for example for passenger cars towing a trailer.”

Source: ZF via Green Car Congress

  • Daniel

    ZF is enthusiastic in EV powertrain. Though theire bussiness is going well. But they also need to look further. As a driving motors manufacturer, we also are talking about some project in China.

  • stuart21



    Last year zf* had a competition – €100,000 for each of best EV Motor, best EV Controller, & best eAxle. I thought ‘I have won that’ (eAxle); – designed & built already; just not published yet.

    *lower case by intent.

    Sent my entry in, reply same day; “Brilliant, Stuart,
    Thanks a lot for applying.
    We will get back to you once we have collected all applications.

    Best regards Michael”

    Some weeks later ‘Sorry, you didn’t win ‘eAxis’ (note, name change AFTER entry sent in’. So I asked ‘who won? “And in the E-axis category, the Freudenberg KG team was victorious with its presentation on new ideas for cooling an electric motor.”

    That is NOTHING TO DO with an eAxle (OR an ‘eAxis’, whatever an ‘eAxis’ happens to be??!!)

    zfs’ competition was fake. They obtained my confidential Intellectual Property by fraud. I entered the eAxle competition with a ‘brilliant’ (THEIR description) eAxle; they gave the prize to something TOTALLY unrelated. The Ravensburg Prosecutor General considers this kind of behaviour normal, for some reason; I feel sorry for my fellow inventors.

    Had zf dealt in good faith (as I have with them, at least until now) & kept their promises / paid their dues, the effect would be negligible on their annual bottom line.

    The ludicrous thing is that, had they instead bought or licensed it, in good faith, their profits each day BEFORE MORNING TEA would have been more than the amount they cheated me out of.

    But the IP mafia can’t help themselves. Like cyborgs

    The other ludicrous thing is that had the competition been FOR the best cooling system for an EV motor, I would have won that too. My (first proto) CPU Cooler shifts 6W/°C, 3 TIMES the next best.



    For stat dec re veracity, and pdfs of screen shots, email Stuart21 (at) mac (dot) com.

    BTW, you Germans have liked my inventions before. Merc, you liked my (different) ’80s drive (also a world first; also, said to be impossible), but you said that as you already had 4 different systems, management would not approve R & D on a 5th.

    You also liked it, Audi; but apologies, Jorg and Thomas, unfortunately I also won the Inventor of the Year Award that year, for an electronic invention. I thought I would get that into production, then use the profits to develop the drive. Never happened; electronic thingy bankrupted both my father and I, & killed him. Thanks, IP mafia.

    BTW2, Electronic thingy invention (INVENTION OF THE YEAR winner, CES D & E x 2, +++) was stolen by Munich EPO, stating “as there are no technical impediments to the implementation of your invention, it is therefore not unobvious!”

    Apart from being blatantly false (ex poste facto) reasoning, what is difficult to understand is ‘where did the EPO find such neophyte examiners, oblivious to the fact that for a patent to be valid, it must be written such that there are NO TECHNICAL IMPEDIMENTS TO ITS’ IMPLEMENTATION!!!???’

    Damages? Incalculable, starting at 8 figures. Plus the patent. Plus the parent. Plus plus plus …..
    zf cuts a very fine line. It is amazing that Wolf-Henning Scheider is willing to risk allowing the (presumed) good name of zf (a €40,000,000,000 corporation!!), to be sacrificed, simply to punish an inventor for showing them a better way to build a car; like RCA did with EHA, Americas best inventor. In the end, EHA had RCA (Radio Corporation of America) on its knees, begging.


    My invention still belongs to me. Simply the best EV driveline; weight, friction, cost, handling, NVH advantages, etc etc etc. Any honourable companies planning new EVs, (blank sheet is best stage) feel free to contact**. NDA required, plus references from recognised inventors.

    **I would not / could not disparage companies who deal in good faith.

    No patent attorneys.

    I am at my wits end. I have had this kind of treatment from the IP mafia for best part of 40 years now.

    zf; Time to show you can be trusted!