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ZF makes magnet-free electric motor

The permanent-magnet synchronous motor is the type of motor most frequently used in EVs, but it is based on magnets that require rare earth materials, which gives automakers an incentive to seek alternatives. As readers of Jeffrey Jenkins’s regular articles know, there are various other options, each with its own pros and cons regarding use… Read more »

ZF demonstrates new electric drivetrain and networked chassis technology

German automotive supplier ZF has developed a new thermal management system for EVs as part of its electromobility shift. Along with ZF’s optimized drivetrain, the new software “makes a significant contribution to higher efficiency,” according to the company. The new drive system is 30% lighter and can potentially boost winter vehicle range by up to… Read more »


ZF unveils compact e-drive for passenger cars

German automotive supplier ZF has launched a new compact electric concept vehicle to demonstrate the company’s efficient thermal management system. EVbeat is based on the Porsche Taycan and has optimized e-driveline components, including a new EVSys800 800-volt electric drive module, a 74 kg lightweight and ultra-compact driveline with 70 Nm/kg torque density, a thermal management… Read more »

Tevva and ZF create a highly efficient regen braking system

UK EV maker Tevva has finished development of its 7.5T battery-electric truck’s regenerative braking technology. The development involved working with Tier 1 supplier ZF to integrate its Electronic Brake System (EBS) for use in Tevva electric trucks. The EBS enables safe regenerative braking up to 180 kW, whereas the traditional air brake system limited passive… Read more »

ZF signs multi-year contract to buy silicon carbide devices from STMicroelectronics

Starting in 2025, global technology company ZF will purchase silicon carbide devices from STMicroelectronics. The components are to be integrated into ZF’s new modular inverter architecture scheduled for series production in 2025. To match customers’ performance requirements, ZF is able to connect a variable number of the devices together without altering the design of the… Read more »

Wolfspeed and ZF partner to develop silicon carbide semiconductors

Some European feathers have recently been ruffled by the “Buy American” provisions of the US Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Some say the EU needs to respond by increasing its own support of the EV industry in order to meet the threat from Chinese automakers. So it’s encouraging to see two high-tech companies… Read more »

ZF reaches milestone: two million EV motors produced

This year, automotive supplier ZF reached the milestone of two million electric motors produced. To keep pace with the global increase in demand for EVs, the company has been continuously accelerating production at its lead plant in Schweinfurt, Germany. It has also commissioned major production lines in Serbia and China. Another plant in North America… Read more »


ZF’s new e-drives feature multiple innovations

ZF has introduced new electric drives with a modular and compact design for electric passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The new e-drives, which incorporate an electric motor, gearbox, power electronics and DC-DC converters, will be available on the market as a complete system starting in 2025, but the company will bring individual components into… Read more »


ZF’s new e-axle for pickup trucks features 800 V SiC inverters

ZF has introduced an e-axle designed for Class 1-6 pickup trucks in the North American market. The eBeam Axle is composed of a motor, transmission, solid axle and the company’s 800 V SiC inverters. It is intended for 400 and 800 V systems, and is capable of supporting up to 350 kW and 16,000 Nm… Read more »

ZF introduces electric drive for commercial vehicles

ZF has introduced several new e-mobility systems designed for commercial vehicles, including an electric drive, a vehicle power take-off system and a power steering system. The CeTrax 2 electric drive is composed of two oil-cooled e-motors, two 800 V SiC inverters and a three-speed gearbox. The modular system designed for heavy-duty vehicles provides continuous power… Read more »