Xtrac’s new EV transmission system features dual motors with torque vectoring

Xtrac P1227 EV transmission

Xtrac’s new P1227 gearbox family was developed to address the growing demand for single-speed, lightweight EV transmissions. It can be integrated with motors from BorgWarner, GKN and YASA, all of which worked with Xtrac to integrate their technologies into the transmission.

The P1227’s dual electric motors provide inherent torque vectoring capabilities, and the system is designed for maximum flexibility. It can be used in front-wheel, rear-wheel or four-wheel drive configurations, with an open or a limited-slip differential, and can also be used with a single electric motor.

“There is substantial innovation and intellectual property in the design of this new transmission system,” said James Setter, head of Xtrac’s Automotive and Engineering unit. “Significant focus went into the integration of the gearbox with numerous proprietary traction motors, and in particular, reducing its mass by almost 20 percent compared with our previous P1092 electric vehicle transmission.”

“The design draws on Xtrac’s precision design, analysis and manufacturing engineering capabilities, ensuring that the ground helical gear sets, necessary for road vehicle transmission systems, offer exceptional levels of NVH refinement for the most demanding silent driveline EV applications, as well as the durability required for this marketplace,” said Setter.

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Xtrac P1227 EV transmission

Xtrac P1227 EV transmission



Source: Xtrac via Green Car Congress

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    Looks great. I assume this illustration is of the complete gearbox and two motors (the six heavy cables certainly imply that). One or two of these units would seem to me to be the ideal power train for an EV. The gearbox will accept motors with a maximum 10,000 rpm speed of rotation and no more than 500Nm of torque. It offers a reduction ratio of 5:1 to 2.5:1, the weight seems to be 23kg without motors. Those numbers are from the manufacturers web page linked to in the article and are subject to my usual errors.

    • Олег Лян

      And each YASA motor ~20kg