VW to include CCS fast charging on all future plug-in vehicles (PHEVs too?)

VW e_Golf

Like the other German and US automakers, Volkswagen has signed on to the SAE-sanctioned CCS standard for DC fast charging. CCS fast charging capability is included with the new e-Golf.

Last week in Detroit, Michael Horn, Volkswagen’s US CEO, told Green Car Reports that it plans to include fast charging on all its future plug-in vehicles.

“Our future plug-ins will be on Combo, and you will see a strong commitment for Combo,” said US product chief Joerg Sommer, adding that VW is installing Combo fast chargers at its US dealerships, and considering an investment in public fast charging.

VW e_Golf

VW has quite a few corded cars on its drawing board – a spokesman said in October that the Volkswagen Group plans to introduce 20 new plug-in models in China alone. If the company means to include CCS on upcoming plug-in hybrid models, it would be a first in the market.

Current PHEVs don’t offer fast charging – the logic seems to be that, because they have a range-extending ICE, they don’t need it. However, analysis of charging data has shown that PHEV drivers are plugging in more than automakers expected. GCR notes that some plug-in fans are obsessive about minimizing their use of gas. For these gas-station-hating buyers, fast charging will always be a welcome feature.


Source: Green Car Reports