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Today’s EV engineering webinar schedule: Thursday, October 5th

Today, Charged is hosting a virtual conference on EV engineering that’s free to attend. The conference includes live webinar sessions with interactive Q&As and on-demand webinars. View the daily session schedule online here.

All live sessions will be recorded and available to view after the broadcasts. You can access the recorded videos on each session’s registration page.

Thursday, October 5th, 2023 Session Topics:

60-Minute Feature Presentations:

8:00 am EDT
Certification and End-to-End Testing on EV Charging Stations: Join us

10:30 am EDT
Inverters on a Plane: Testing of Electric Powertrain from Prototype Development to Certification & Systems: Join us

11:45 am EDT
Future-Proofing Battery Testing for Evolving EV Technologies: Join us

1:00 pm EDT
Challenges in EV Testing: Data Acquisition for Battery Testing, Vehicle Dynamics & Acoustics: Join us

30-Minute Presentations:

8:00 am EDT
Traction Inverter Testing with Power-HIL: Join us

8:45 am EDT
Managing Heat Through E-Fluids: Join us

9:30 am EDT
The Fundamentals to Master Battery Validation and Production and the Challenges Ahead: Join us

10:15 am EDT
New Process Solutions For Battery Systems Manufacturing: Join us

11:00 am EDT
Ag Free AMB Silicon Nitride Substrate for Automotive Applications: Join us

11:45 pm EDT
Avoid Breakdowns and Fires: Protecting EV Batteries: Join us

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Virtual Conference on EV Engineering: Free to Attend

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