The Fundamentals to Master Battery Validation and Production and the Challenges Ahead

Presented by:

  • Maximilian Schultz, Technical sales engineer and system design, Averna

  • Gregory Anderson, Regional Sales Manager, Averna

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Oct 5, 2023, 9:30 am EDT

The battery market for e-Mobility continues to grow, despite limited resources and challenging supply chains. As a result, competition is increasing and sustainable battery manufacturing is no longer a fashionable trend, but an absolute must in order to survive in the industry.

In addition to optimizing factory infrastructure and manufacturing processes, companies require end-to-end quality assurance from the cell to the finished battery.

This presentation explores the question of how these aspects can be combined to achieve sustainability in battery production. Join our experts as they review:

• Managing time-sensitive deadlines.
• The parallel development of a product and its test system.
• Test expertise vs battery expertise.
• Interfaces to existing data analytics and processes.
• Future-proofing a test solution for unknown requirements.

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