Ag Free AMB Silicon Nitride Substrate for Automotive Applications

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  • Habib Mustain, Power Electronics Segment Manager Americas, Heraeus Electronics

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Oct 5, 2023, 11:00 am EDT

In recent years, high power electronics has become one of the fastest growing market segments of the semiconductor industry. With the development of hybrid/electric vehicles, the market for SiC based power modules is rapidly expanding. All power module manufacturer/designers are trying to get high efficiency and high-power density for the main inverter. However, the traditional power module assembly materials have been recognized as a technical barrier in moving to a higher performance system due to inherent limitations.

Traditionally silicon nitride (Si3N4) Active Metal Brazed (AMB) substrates are considered as the best substrate solution to fulfill the high requirements on heat dissipation and high-power density for automotive power modules. The drawback of Si3N4 based AMBs are the high costs. Heraeus Electronics has developed an alternative unique cost-effective condura®.ultra Si3N4 Ag free AMB substrate to meet the hybrid/electric vehicles drive train power module requirement.

In this presentation, the performance of condura®.ultra Si3N4 Ag free AMB technology in comparison with the standard AMB substrate which is a well-known benchmark in the industry will be demonstrated. Several industry standard tests have been performed to check the reliability, mechanical integrity and processability of the substrate. Tests such as thermal shock tests (-65 0 C/ + 150 0C, liquid to liquid), peel strength test, high temperature storage, thermal resistance, and partial discharge tests were conducted.

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