Inverters on a Plane: Testing of Electric Powertrain from Prototype Development to Certification & Systems

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  • Mitch Marks, Business Development Manager – eDrive, HBK - Hottinger Brüel & Kjær

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Oct 5, 2023, 10:30 am EDT

“I am testing these motor flying Inverters on this motor flying plane”

Motors, inverters, and power systems for electric aircraft have strict requirements for weight, efficiency, and safety. For this reason these motors are pushing technology, going to higher voltages, high phase counts, and unique topologies for both the motors and inverters. Many of these decisions have electrical and mechanical effects that effect the entire aircraft. These evolutions in motor technology require significant amounts of testing from prototype to installation, and ultimately certification. A significant amount of this testing is not only on the components, but involves testing the entire aircraft electrical network for system stability and certification.

In this webinar we will review new tests for evaluating these motors and power systems:

1. Copper bird testing & flight cycles
2. High phase count evaluation
3. Failure testing
4. High fundamental testing
5. Electromechanical evaluation
6. Structural effects of electric motors
7. High voltage measurements

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