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DINA consortium develops standards for EV diagnosis and repair

DINA research project

A consortium led by the Bosch Group aims to establish standards for the diagnosis and repair of high-voltage systems in EVs. The DINA group, which also includes several German automotive firms and research institutes, has developed a standardized diagnostic system designed to enable service techs to clearly identify defects in an electrical powertrain, from the high-voltage battery and inverter to the motors and charging system.

The idea is to allow auto shops to carry out modularized repairs, pinpointing and replacing defective parts individually instead of replacing whole systems. This is especially important when dealing with high-voltage batteries that consist of numerous independent cells.

The study also includes specific suggestions for how to design future battery systems to make them easier to repair, and discusses new measuring devices and equipment for workshops and test benches.


Source: Bosch via Green Car Congress


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