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Amphenol’s new sensor tech detects thermal runaway

Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ new sensor technology platform, Robust Early Detection of Thermal Runaway (REDTR), is designed to detect battery cell faults that result in battery venting (see the recent Charged webinar on this topic).

Stressed Li-ion batteries can undergo failure through a variety of factors. Failure can result in an internal reaction that generates heat and causes chemical decomposition of the cell, which can rapidly accelerate into thermal runaway. When this occurs, the cell vents gases, which Amphenol’s REDTR sensor system can rapidly detect within a battery enclosure.

Amphenol says REDTR responds to venting regardless of cell size, electrochemistry and battery pack configuration, from a single point within the pack. This sensor technology has an advertised performance life of up to 20 years in a compact configuration that can be used as a standalone device or integrated directly into the battery management system architecture. The company claims REDTR can identify the initial cell vent within seconds and qualify whether the event is contained or cascading to adjacent cells through monitoring various physical aspects of the cell ejecta plume. Fast detection enables rapid countermeasures.

Source: Amphenol

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