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Amphenol’s new sensor detects water in EV battery packs

Amphenol Advanced Sensors now offers its Coolant Leak Detection Sensor to detect the presence of water and coolant in an EV battery pack enclosure, enabling the Battery Management System (BMS) to take proper countermeasures to reduce the risk of pack failure and electrocution.

While substantial design measures are taken to prevent water intrusion into battery enclosures, there are still instances where this can occur. In mobile applications, the pack shell can be damaged by debris, corrosion, twisting, and vibration. Additionally, many large battery pack enclosures utilize cold plate cooling systems, which can develop leaks over time. Temperature and barometric pressure variations within the airspace of an enclosure may also allow condensation to form.

Water Leak Detection Sensor

The sensor operates on standard 5 V power, and can detect as little as 2.8 mm of standing water in the bottom of a battery pack enclosure. For diagnostics, the sensor includes a 510 kΩ resistor in parallel with two plated contacts for open/short circuit detection. Its small footprint allows for various mounting positions, and custom-length wire leads and connector options are available. Amphenol says that its Coolant Leak Detection Sensor is validated against aggressive automotive standards and includes a 2D barcode to comply with traceability requirements.

Source: Amphenol Advanced Sensors

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