ZAF to use $300,000 grant to increase production of nickel-zinc batteries

Nickel-zinc (NiZn) specialist ZAF Energy Systems has received $300,000, the first installment of a $600,000 investment from Missouri’s Department of Economic Development. With the new funding, ZAF will increase production capacity to meet the increasing demand for its NiZn batteries. The company claims that the batteries have double the storage capacity and triple the power of lead-acid batteries in a lighter and more compact package. ZAF also says its batteries are invulnerable to dendrite formation and zinc migration. Currently, ZAF’s priority is to build rapport with the trucking, telecommunications and data storage industries, its largest potential consumers.

“ZAF is now heavily engaged with several large multi-national trucking companies, further proving the significant value opportunity we create for our partners and customers through value-added battery solutions. We believe that our battery technology can remove certain barriers from outdated battery chemistries that are impairing the trucking industry to enable the electrification of next-generation trucks and drive improved fuel efficiency,” says ZAF CSO Dave Wilkins.


Source: ZAF via Green Car Congress

  • Dennis Worley

    What are the pros and cons compared with Lithium?

    • Steve Woots

      Yes, comparing to lead/acid seems to be avoiding the real issue .

    • diego13

      If it doesn’t require Cobalt and has a better energy density the LiFePO4 then it’s a huge win

  • mipak

    Discharge rates? Charging rates? Cooling required? Temperature range? Lots of questions left on the table here.

  • Gautam Bora

    The global electric vehicle sales is projected to grow at a CAGR of 32.57% from 2018-25 and is expected to reach 10.79 million units by 2025 Government support in the form of subsidies, grants, and tax rebates, improving charging infrastructure, increasing vehicle range, and reducing electric vehicle battery cost. Such factors have resulted in the sale of electric vehicles globally. With such an active step towards battery production will also result in a boom towards this market.