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XALT Energy supplies cells for world’s largest battery-powered ferries

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XALT Energy has won a contract to supply cells for the two largest battery-powered ferries in the world. Each of the two Scandlines ferries, which run between Helsingborg, Denmark and Helsingör, Sweden, will have 4.16 MWh batteries to provide power for primary propulsion.

The energy storage system was designed by Plan B Energy Storage (PBES), and features a proprietary liquid cooling system that maintains optimal internal temperatures to maximize lifespan of the XALT lithium cells.

The cells will be produced in XALT’s fully automated facility in Midland, Michigan.

PBES energy storage systems with XALT cells are also in use in offshore supply vessels, wind farm support vessels, tugboats, port equipment and yachts.

“The XALT quality processes are the best in the world,” says PBES VP Grant Brown. “The resulting product is capable of higher discharge rates, better performance, and ultimately far greater cycle life than their competitors. By maintaining optimal core temperatures for the cells, PBES modules maximize the lifespan of the cells.”


Source: XALT Energy


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