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VisIC partners with ZF to develop next-gen EV inverters

ZF Friedrichshafen and VisIC Technologies have announced a partnership to create a new generation of EV drivelines. The focus of the joint effort will be on 400-volt driveline applications, covering the largest segment of the EV market.

ZF specializes in wide-band-gap semiconductor technology, such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride. Gallium nitride semiconductors are thought to offer significant improvements in switching speed, as well as smaller and lighter package sizes. 

“Our partnership with ZF for the development of gallium nitride-based power inverters in electric vehicles illustrates the breakthrough of gallium nitride technology in the automotive industry,” said VisIC CEO Tamara Baksht. 

“We are pleased about the cooperation with VisIC, and are convinced that together we can further improve future electric drive systems based on gallium nitride technology,” says Dr. Dirk Walliser, Senior VP of R&D at ZF Friedrichshafen.

Source: VisIC Technologies


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