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Unico’s new Quantum Drive battery testing platform enables multi-channel AC and DC testing

EV testing specialist Unico is launching a new EV battery testing platform. The Quantum Drive Platform is on display at the International Battery Seminar in Orlando, Florida.

The Unico Quantum Drive Platform allows multiple pack, module, and cell test channels to be used in a single system for back-to-back battery testing. The discharge energy from one channel can be used as the charge energy for another. The system can also be equipped with a second-life battery energy storage system. This combination, with proper sequencing, can reduce the need for substantial utility connections, and enables almost net-zero battery test applications.

The Unico Quantum Drive Platform enables multi-channel, high-power AC and DC applications in a single system, and provides galvanic isolation between all test channels with no need for low-frequency transformers.

Features include:

  • DC channels for cell, module, and pack channels
  • Multiple channels of each type, and different output voltage levels, can be combined in a single system
  • Unico’s AC drives can be added to create a flexible solution for multi-purpose test systems with both AC and DC outputs
  • Open software interface allows companies to use their choice of data acquisition and controls

Pilot deployments of the Unico Quantum Drive Platform will begin this summer, and customer deliveries are to begin in Q3 2023.

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“Developing and testing batteries for electric vehicles requires the validation of cells, modules, and packs across a wide operating range,” said Don Wright, VP of Engineering at Unico. “This testing requires multiple high-power feeds and significant floor space, which leads to high installation and operational costs. The new Quantum Drive Platform from Unico aims to address these challenges by allowing companies to recirculate the energy from different pieces of test equipment.”

“Unico’s new Quantum Drive Platform is a powerful solution for reducing the utility power requirements of our test systems,” said Dustin Harrison, Managing Director, UTAC. “This technology represents a significant step forward in our efforts to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of our test facilities.”

Source: Unico


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