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Toshiba’s new motor control IC

Toshiba motor control IC

Toshiba has begun mass production of a system regulator IC with monitoring function for motor control systems in electric and hybrid vehicles. The new IC (TB9042FTG) has a strengthened monitoring function to reduce potential system failures.

TB9042FTG provides a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication function to avoid microcontroller (MCU) failures. The system regulator IC and the MCU identify trouble by using the SPI communication function to monitor each other. Using the derived information, the system can carry out safe and timely processing.

Key features of the new IC include:

  • Two DC-DC converters and three series regulators
  • Continuous monitoring of the system regulators (High output voltage, Low output voltage, Overcurrent, Overheat, Unusual frequency)
  • Continuous monitoring of the MCU (Watchdog Timer, MCU alarm, MCU calculation function, Communication error)
  • Self-diagnosis function (High output voltage, Low output voltage, Output logic of each detection circuit)


Source: Toshiba via Green Car Congress


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