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EV Show Jan 2015

The electrical gurus at EV West have started a monthly youtube show about EVs. On The EV Show, Hosts Michael Bream and Eric Hutchison (with Ono the shop dog in the background adding an occasional “woof”) cover a wide variety of news from the EV world, with an emphasis on conversions.

This is no mere talking head format – the hour-and-a-quarter-long show contains plenty of juicy video clips and loads of technical details for aficionados. We see several conversion projects underway, hear explanations of key EV components, preview several new products, and even take a trip to Uruguay for some thrilling footage of the Formula E race.

Sections include:

  • Introduction to Electric Ferrari Project (3m 48s)
  • Introduction to the Ural Motorcycle Project (8m 8s)
  • A technical segment on brake transducers by Jehu Garcia (11m 32s)
  • Formula E Uruguay recap (21m 53s)
  • ChaDeMo fast charge solution by Tony Williams of Quick Charge Power (28m 23s)
  • Project of the Month winner Al Swackhammer and his Auto Union conversion (36m 22s)
  • Porsche G50 transaxle in a Ferrari (41m 41s)
  • Digitizing an Alfa Romeo Spider bell housing with a Faro Arm CMM (48m 16s)
  • Dual HPEVS AC76 Motors by Matt Hauber (53m 48s)
  • ZEVA products from Australia (1h 3m 35s)
  • E-Stopp electric emergency brake by John Rosselli (1h 6m 45s)
  • InLogis EV Surge Protector (1h 9m 28s)
  • 2015 Some Things to Expect (1h 12m)

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Sources: EV Show, EV West

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