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TDK creates durable DC link capacitors, extends capacitance and voltage ranges

TDK has improved its DC link EPSCOS film capacitors, which can now handle a variety of worst-case-scenario environmental conditions.

Besides being a mouthful, the B3277*H series can operate at temperatures as high as 105° C with voltage ranges of 450 VDC-1,100 VDC and capacitance values of 1.5 µF-120 µF. These capacitors are designed for use with DC link circuits of PV converters, frequency converters and industrial power supplies.

TDK performed temperature, humidity, and bias (THB) tests at 60° C and 95% relative humidity for 1,000 hours at the rated voltage.

The capacitors are offered with lead spacings of 27.5 mm, 37.5 mm, and an exclusively 4-pin 52.5 mm version. When used with the rated voltages, they have a projected service life of 50,000 hours at 85° C.


Source: TDK


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