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Soteras CCS binder thwarts battery separator heat shrinkage

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Batteries need separators to keep anode and cathode apart while allowing the exchange of ions. Alas, heat can cause a separator to shrink, profoundly affecting battery lifespan and safety. Soteras CCS, a new binder technology from Ashland, is designed to help battery manufacturers address this problem.

Compared to PVDF and PVP binders, Ashland says its Soteras CCS binders improve the performance of ceramic-coated polyethylene and polypropylene separators by minimizing heat shrinkage at temperatures up to 140° C.

Soteras CCS binders comprise a two-component coating system that is compatible with typical coating processes, and is designed to deliver good lithium ion permeability while minimizing negative effects on cell electrochemistry. They are electrolyte insoluble and work with single- and multi-layer separators.

“As applications for lithium-ion batteries evolve from smaller consumer electronics to electric vehicles and mass storage, there is a push for higher density cells. High-capacity lithium-ion batteries must work without sacrificing safety or performance,” said Ashland Marketing Director Dr. Robert Gibbison. “Soteras CCS binders are unmatched for ceramic coated separators. Furthermore, separator producers can integrate Soteras CCS binders without substantially altering their standard manufacturing processes.”


Source: Ashland Inc

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