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SK On unveils upgraded fast-charging EV battery cells at Seoul trade show

Battery manufacturer SK On is showcasing new fast-charging battery cells at this week’s InterBattery 2024, a battery trade show in Seoul, South Korea.

The Advanced SF and SF+ batteries are among several new technologies that SK On is displaying at the show. The original SF (Super Fast) battery, introduced in 2021, was a high-nickel battery that can theoretically be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in as little as 18 minutes (real-world charging speed depends on many factors). The Advanced SF Battery is an upgraded version of the SF Battery that features 9 percent greater energy density.

As SK On explains, the nominal charging speed of a battery is determined by two things: the distance lithium ions must travel, and the transfer speed. Generally, high energy density comes with high anode resistance when charging, and thus slower ion transport. SK On managed to shorten the transport distance of lithium ions by applying a special coating method that dramatically lowers the anode resistance.

The SF+ Battery, another variant of the SF Battery, boasts an even quicker nameplate charging time: 15 minutes. SK On was able to reduce the transport distance of lithium ions, while increasing their transfer speed, by applying high-capacity silicon with low-resistance graphite on the dual-layer structure.

Source: SK On

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