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Sion Power’s Licerion lithium-metal battery technology now available for commercial evaluation

Sion Power has reported a major development milestone for its Licerion EV technology—the company has produced more than 18,000 multilayer, 6 Ah to 20 Ah lithium metal cells for commercial evaluation. Sion says Licerion EV delivers high energy density, enabling longer range with lighter and smaller batteries.

Licerion EV technology incorporates Sion Power’s protected lithium anode and uses an electrolyte composition optimized for fast charging applications. Sion says its patented applied uniform pressure method ensures extended cycle life for these cells.

In testing, Sion Power’s 6 Ah large-format Licerion EV cell has exceeded 800 cycles, and the 17 Ah cell has been independently verified at a specific energy of 400 Wh/kg and energy density of 780 Wh/L.

“We have more than just technology at Sion Power,” said CEO Tracy Kelley. “We have a product to sample. Our team continues to advance our technology and increase the availability of cells so that OEMs can test and incorporate it into their designs. To date, we have produced a vast number of multilayer lithium metal cells for commercial evaluations which continue to exceed our stated technical specifications.”

Sion says these cells are currently undergoing evaluation by several EV OEMs, and the company has increased the supply of commercially available 17 Ah cells for additional testing. Sion Power is currently taking preorders for the Licerion EV 56 Ah automotive B-sample cell, which is expected to be available in late 2024.

Source: Sion Power

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