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Sion Power introduces large-format lithium-metal EV cell

Sion Power

Sion Power, a specialist in lithium-metal batteries, has announced advancements in its Licerion-EV cell, achieving 400 Wh/kg (700 Wh/L) in a large-format 17 Ah pouch cell. 

Sion is producing the cells at its facility in Tucson, Arizona, by stacking electrodes with an approximate size of 100 mm x 100 mm on pilot systems. Scaling to useful cell sizes is a challenge for high-energy battery technologies. Sion Power says it has successfully accomplished that scaling process.  Both 17 Ah and 6 Ah Licerion-EV cells are produced on the Sion pilot line, and are undergoing third-party validation tests.

“Less than a year ago, Sion Power demonstrated this technology on a 1.8 Ah cell. Today we have proven the results on large-format cells,” said CTO Urs Schoop. “Although we have seen many high-energy battery companies in the news, few of them claim to produce cells in high-capacity commercial sizes.”

Sion’s Licerion-EV technology uses metallic lithium on the anode to deliver a combination of high energy per weight and volume as well as meeting the future automotive requirements for fast-charge capability, power delivery, long cycle life and safety.

Source: Sion Power

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