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Silicon Mobility releases new EV powertrain control software

Silicon Mobility has announced the release of OLEA APP INVERTER, a software application platform for control of inverters and electric motors. 

The application is based on the OLEA T222 FPCUs parallel architecture, which allows real-time control of power electronics and motors. It provides torque and speed control using Field Oriented Control (FoC) and variable Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) algorithms. The modular software can be adapted to a variety of customer applications, including low- and high-voltage systems, and PMSM or WRSM multi-pole/multi-phase motors. The platform supports MOSFET and IGBT power transistors as well as SiC or GaN-based inverters. By exploiting the programmable and parallel hardware of the OLEA T222 FPCU chip, the system allows real-time control loops and switching frequencies up to 100 kHz. 

To support customers’ developments, the OLEA APP INVERTER platform enables an integrated model-based design flow along the development cycle, from Model-in-the-Loop to Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations. 

“With the OLEA APP INVERTER, OEMs and Tier 1s can have a quick start to build differentiated and powerful EV systems,” said CEO Rainer Kallenbach. “Based on a common, modular open platform, our solution may be used both as a standalone control or to extend the capability of an existing system to make it future-proof.”

Features include:

  • E-motor Control
    • Torque, Current and Speed Control for 3/6 phases PMSM/WRSM
    • Rotor Control for WRSM only
    • Current Control Loop based on Field Oriented Control 
    • Flux Weakening management
    • Active Discharge
    • Torque derating based on speed/DC-Link and Tº
    • Clockwise/anti-clockwise direction support
  • Modulation
    • Variable SVPWM (Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation) 
    • Dynamic switching frequency scaling
    • Dead-time compensation 
  • Position: Motor sensor signal processing
    • Position Tracking Loop (PTL) algorithm for SIN/COS signals with a configurable number of e-motor/resolver pole pairs number 
    • Position sensor auto-calibration at boot & update at high speed
    • Tachometer 
  • Safety and diagnostic
    • Safety Finite State Machine (FSM) managing fault containment
    • Configurable safety fault detections and reactions
    • 4 categories of fault detections: digital inputs mechanism, ADC min/max, analog comparison and software
    • Over/under warnings: temperature, motor speed, and DC-link voltage
  • VCU Interface
    • E-motor Control FSM supporting the VCU operating states 
    • APIs (Control, Diagnostics, Safety, Calibration/Configuration) allowing integration with a VCU

Silicon Mobility offers starter kits for evaluation, proof of concept or quick system design. It includes a generic inverter and e-motor control board, user documentation and evaluation licenses for the OLEA APP INVERTER and OLEA COMPOSER development frameworks. Customer support services, including training and customer-specific engineering and application support, are offered by Silicon Mobility’s global team.

Source: Silicon Mobility

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