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Sandy Munro offers BMW i3 teardown report for $10

For many years, Munro & Associates has been performing teardowns—taking cars apart to find out what their components are, where they come from and how much they cost—and selling enormous, highly technical reports to automakers for five-figure prices, mostly unnoticed by anyone outside the auto industry. More recently, because of the huge interest in the company’s Tesla teardowns, and because of his highly engaging and entertaining speaking style, CEO Sandy Munro has become something of a household name.

Now the company is inviting the public into the inner sanctum, so to speak, offering its complete benchmarking analysis report on the BMW i3 for just $10.  The 23,000+ page document, which previously sold for $89,000, covers every component in the vehicle—the carbon fiber monocoque, battery pack, electric motor, range-extending gas engine, HVAC system, electronics and more.

According to Munro, the report, which analyzes more than 54,000 parts in great detail, cost the company over $2 million to develop, and has been purchased by “most of the OEMs in the world.”

What’s going on? Are they crazy to sell this low? Is the boss out of town? Well, Munro’s motives may not be 100% altruistic. Part of the idea may be to offer a sort of free sample in the hopes of generating future sales. And of course, this particular report on a seven-year-old car probably isn’t finding many buyers at full price these days. The company hasn’t announced any blowout deals on its reports on the Tesla Model Y or other cutting-edge vehicles.

Make no mistake, however: Munro has done a great service to the EV industry by releasing this information. The i3 was a highly innovative vehicle when it was new, and this report could provide a master class for an aspiring automotive engineer, or a priceless trove of inspiration for the next great EV entrepreneur. In his promo video, Sandy Munro recounts a story from his younger days, when an admired mentor sold him a box of valuable tools for next to nothing. “I think there’s another Elon Musk out there,” says Sandy. Musk himself, whose mission has always been to spread the gospel of electrification, surely approves of this generous deed.

Source: Munro & Associates

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