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Samsung supplies cylindrical 18650 cells to Chinese automaker

Samsung SDI e-bike Pack

Samsung SDI will supply cylindrical 18650 format Li-ion battery cells for the new electric SUV iEV6S from , one of China’s top 10 domestic automakers.

The battery pack for the iEV6S will use around 3,000 of Samsung’s 18650 cells. The two companies have signed an MOU for the supply of 50 million battery cells next year.

Samsung SDI High-performance 18650 battery

It’s a switch for Samsung, which is better known for its prismatic cells, and a new frontier for the 18650 format, which until now only Tesla has been using in automobiles.

Samsung SDI’s CEO Nam-Seong Cho said, “China’s electric vehicle market is rapidly growing and since it is crucial to maintain our position as a leading manufacturer, we are supplying cylindrical 18650 batteries along with the existing squared ones. We will aggressively respond to the demands of Chinese customers and target from various angles.”


Source: Samsung SDI via Green Car Congress


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