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ROHM introduces 1,200 V IGBTs for compressors and heater circuits

Electronic parts maker ROHM has announced four new automotive-grade 1,200 V-rated insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) for inverters used in electronics compressors and for switching circuits used in positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters.

The IGBTs feature a short-circuit resistance of 10 μsec (Tj=25° C). ROHM says the devices’ unique structure reduces VCE(sat) to 1.70 V, which leads to a 10% to 15% reduction in conduction losses compared to conventional products.

As more drivers turn to EVs, ROHM believes the need for electric compressors driven with IGBTs will also increase. ICE vehicles use the heat dissipated from the engines themselves as a heat source for the cabin, but ROHM says demand is increasing for systems that use circulating warm water with a PTC heater as a heat source. IGBTs that operate at low frequency are commonly used in inverters and switches for these applications.

The company also points to the ever-increasing battery capacity of EVs as a driver of more demand for IGBTs. Higher-voltage batteries (800 V) require low-loss power devices that can withstand higher voltages, which increases the demand for both 650 V-rated and 1,200 V-rated IGBTs.

Source: ROHM

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