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Qualcomm invests in safe battery tech from Amionx

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Qualcomm has made a strategic investment in Amionx, a specialist in safe battery technology. Qualcomm President Derek Aberle will join the Amionx board of directors.

Amionx has patented a technology called Safe Core that acts like a circuit breaker to prevent Li-ion batteries from triggering a fire or explosion. Safe Core is designed to protect batteries from overcharging, internal shorts, or external heat – it can be activated by temperature, current or voltage thresholds.

According to Amionx, it can be implemented into existing manufacturing facilities with no additional capital cost and minimal additional material cost. It is applicable to other battery chemistries, as well as solid-state technology.

“As the use of lithium-ion batteries continues to be more pervasive, we will undoubtedly see more incidents of battery fires and explosions; something which Safe Core can prevent,” said Amionx CEO Jenna King.

“The fact that Safe Core can be implemented easily into the existing battery manufacturing process and at such low cost will help drive widespread and rapid adoption,” said Qualcomm President Derek Aberle. “Safe Core can open new product opportunities for lithium-ion batteries where safety concerns have limited their use to date.”


Source: Qualcomm via Green Car Congress

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