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Project aims to develop a swappable containerized battery system for marine applications

Current Direct, a new €12-million research and innovation project funded by the European Commission, aims to develop a new type of lithium-ion cell, as well as a swappable containerized energy storage system, both optimized for waterborne transportation.

The project’s aim is to develop and demonstrate an interchangeable battery system and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform in an operational environment at the Port of Rotterdam that facilitates fast charging, fleet optimization and novel business models.

The Current Direct project’s goals include:

  • significantly reducing the total cost of waterborne transport batteries;
  • cutting GHG emissions of the marine transport sector through electrification of vessel fleets;
  • increasing the energy density of waterborne battery cells;
  • triggering investments for innovation, job and knowledge creation in the European marine transport and battery sector.

Source: Green Car Congress


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