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Next-Battery moves a step closer to commercialization

Shanghai-based EV maker Lvchi has partnered with Next-Battery to fast-track the commercial rollout of Next-Battery’s battery technology.

At its Ukraine facility, Next-Battery is producing cathode prototypes with ultra-porous metal oxides and a lithium-infused nanostructured surface. The company’s proprietary process significantly increases the surface area of the metal oxides in the cathode, which allows dimension reduction and doping to increase functionalization and morphology control. Next-Battery says its cathodes enable faster lithium ion transport and electron movement.

According to Next-Battery’s lab studies on the cathode, its technology delivers a significant increase in specific energy compared to lithium-ion batteries currently on the market.

Next-Battery CEO Benton Wilcoxon said, “We are progressing to plan and have completed adding the new Solid State electrolyte team to our group as well as commencing conductivity tests on our double-walled nanotubes of carbon, which our parent company developed for other applications. The Lvchi collaboration is an exciting component to our development.”


Source: HIPO Resources

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