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New research suggests fluorine-based electrolyte enhances lithium metal battery stability

Scientists at the Ulsan National Institute for Science and Technology (UNIST), led by Professors Nam-Soon Choi and Sang Kyu Kwak, have developed a fluorine-based electrolyte for lithium metal batteries with Ni-rich NCM cathodes. According to their paper, published in Nano Energy, the electrolyte evenly formed a protective film on the negative and positive electrodes, increasing the battery’s lifespan and performance.

“The fluorine-containing electrolyte formed a protective film on the anode, and the electrolyte was decomposed at a high voltage of 4 V or more and the adhesion to the anode was solved,” says Yongwon Lee, a senior researcher at LG Chemical. “This allows the implementation of high-voltage, long-life lithium metal batteries that was not available in the electrolytes of conventional lithium-ion batteries.”

Professor Kwak’s team used theoretical calculations to identify reaction trends and mechanisms for fluorine-containing solvents. Kwak said, “This calculation principle will contribute to the development of functional electrolyte materials and additives for the high performance of lithium metal batteries.”

Source: UNIST

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