New film-type battery cells are flexible and energy-dense

Sekisui Chemical has developed a film-type lithium-ion battery that incorporates several promising innovations. It features a silicon anode, and uses the company’s original materials technology to enable the application of the gel-type electrolytes using a coating process instead of the standard vacuum infusion process.

According to the company, the flexible film-type cells can be installed in any shape or form, which offers interesting possibilities in terms of saving space.

Sekisui claims that the new cells offer approximately ten times the lithium-ion conductivity of than other Sekisui products, as well as three times the battery capacity (900Wh/L). They are also safer, as shown by nail penetration and crush tests, and can be produced ten times faster than the company’s current cells.

The company plans to begin providing samples in summer 2014.


Source: Sekisui, Green Car Congress