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Miltec’s new ceramic coating for anodes improves performance and reduces cost

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Maryland-based Miltec UV has introduced a new system to coat Li-ion battery anodes with a ceramic coating designed to improve performance and safety while reducing cost.

The advance is enabled by the use of binders that cure instantly upon exposure to UV light, in combination with an application technique that coats just the surface of the anode without plugging the pores.

Miltec UV has developed a commercial-scale demonstration unit, the CX400, that’s capable of coating and curing over 100 m/min on anodes up to 440 mm in width. The coating thickness is typically 2-4 microns. The CX400 is a compact 4 meters in length.

“This innovation allows lithium-ion battery manufacturers to offer batteries with improved safety without concerns over separator shrinkage,” said Miltec UV President Bob Blandford.


Source: Miltec UV

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