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Miltec UV announces pilot plant for coating Li-ion battery separators

Miltec UV CX400

Miltec UV, a manufacturer of UV curing systems, has announced that a pilot plant is now available for testing its CX400 product on customer’s substrates at the company’s Maryland facility.

CX 400 is a high-speed coating and UV curing system specifically designed for applying ceramic coatings on polyolefin separators. It can coat any separator films with a wide range of ceramic particles.

Capabilities include: precision coating from 1-10 µm thickness; up to 405 mm coating width; a proven water-based UV curable binder; and high-speed coating and curing up to 120 meters per minute.

Miltec’s new high-speed coating and curing technology is designed to improve the safety performance of Li-ion batteries in hybrid, PHEV and EV applications, as well as consumer electronics and grid energy storage.

The company is currently scheduling potential customers that want to test materials or visit the pilot plant.


Source: Miltec UV

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