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Infinitum Electric raises $40 million to scale ultra-high-efficiency motors

Infinitum Electric, creator of the air-core motor, has secured $40 million in Series C funding to scale production of its ultra-high-efficiency, lightweight motors. The investment will be used to expand production of the company’s IEs Series motors for commercial and industrial applications, and to complete development of its IEm Series EV motors.

Infinitum says its motors use lightweight materials and modular design to generate the same power as traditional motors in half the size and weight, and at a fraction of the carbon footprint. 

“Infinitum Electric’s innovative technology approach and pragmatic design has resulted in a motor made for the next 100 years,” said Kevin Skillern, managing partner of Energy Innovation Capital, one of the investors. 

Infinitum’s motor design replaces the copper wire and laminated iron core found in conventional motors with a printed circuit board stator, making the motor smaller, lighter and more efficient. Infinitum Electric says its motors are 10 percent more efficient, 50 percent lighter and smaller, and significantly quieter than conventional motors. Infinitum offers a fully integrated system: motor, variable frequency drive (VFD) and embedded IoT in a single compact package.

Source: Infinitum Electric


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