Honda reuses rare earth metals from batteries, releases Environmental Annual Report

In the spirit of the “triple bottom line” (People, Planet, Profit), Honda released its 2012 Environmental Annual Report today, documenting the CO2 emissions of the company’s vehicles throughout their entire life cycles. The company claims to be the first automaker to do so.



Honda also announced that it will begin reusing rare earth metals that it has been extracting from used nickel-metal hydride batteries. The rare earths will be recycled into new batteries and other parts. The company is also exploring ways to extract and recycle rare earth metals from a variety of used parts such as hybrid motors and lithium-ion batteries.

Honda has long been committed to the “3R” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principle. It collects and recycles bumpers, oil filters and various other parts.


Source: Honda
Image: Honda