Grafoid’s ion-selective graphene polymer membrane protects electrodes

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Canadian graphene specialist Grafoid has introduced its GPURE Graphene Polymer nano-porous membrane, intended for next generation Li-ion battery applications.

The GPURE GPM product is a chemically inert, freestanding membrane that uses graphene composites to test ion selectivity using both monovalent and divalent ions.

Ion selectivity is a key requirement for a semi-permeable membrane in a Li-ion battery structure. By protecting the chemically sensitive electrode materials from unwanted chemical species, GPURE GPM diffuses only energy-harvesting monovalent ions such as Li+, Na+ etc. Conventional membranes lack such unique properties.

“Our GPURE membrane innovations and inventions for next-generation battery applications are intended to enhance performance, extend battery life and improve safety,” said Grafoid CEO Gary Economo.

Figure 1 (a) shows the penetration processes of different ionic compounds through the GPURE GPM membrane, and (b) shows the GPURE GPM 6cm x 6cm membrane.


Source: Grafoid via Green Car Congress