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UPDATED: German tech company shopping for EV battery technology company to acquire

[Correction: 6/22/2012 5:00PM EST]

It was brought to our attention that our coverage this story did not accurately portray the intentions of Manz. So, we chatted with Wolfgang Jeutter, Head of Manz US operations, to clear things up.  

Clarification of the Bloomberg article, quoting Dieter Manz at Intersolar Trade Fare in Munich:

Manz is looking to acquire a Battery Technology Company, and not a Battery Maker!

Our goal in the lithium ion battery manufacturing equipment space is to support our customers with unique and enabling manufacturing technology, not to compete with them. Central to that goal is growing our technology by both well-funded internal R&D, and by pursuing the purchase of companies and intellectual properties, which offer battery manufacturers competitive advantages in cost reduction product quality and performance improvement. 

Manz is a leading high-tech manufacturing equipment innovator and supplier with world-wide presence. Our unique offerings in the battery space include cost-effective ultra-fast, high-yield machines for the manufacturing of Li-Ion battery cells and packs.


[Orginal Post: 06/20/2012 – 9:49am EST]

German tech company shopping for EV battery maker to acquire

Manz AG, a German maker of equipment for manufacturing flat-panel displays and photovoltaic cells, is looking for battery-technology companies to acquire. CEO Dieter Manz told Bloomberg News that the company is looking at certain small companies because of their technological potential and market value, but did not name any.

“In three to four years, there will be a very big opportunity for batteries,” Manz said. “If the electric-car market really picks up, auto companies won’t be able to make all the batteries, so there will be a lot of new entrants.”

The company’s web site expands on its belief in batteries as a huge growth market that complements its existing business. Manz forecasts a million EVs in Europe by 2015, and demand for 29 million units a year by 2020, and notes “the enormous significance of the relationship between alternative engines and renewable energies.”


Soucre: Bloomberg
Image: Manz AG

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