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Fuso eCanter electric truck uses John Deere PD400 Inverter

The Fuso eCanter light-duty electric truck, which is now in production in Europe and Japan, uses a PD400 inverter from John Deere Electronic Solutions (JDES).

The JDES PD400 has been proven in off-road vehicles from John Deere and other OEMs. The inverter’s software is designed to be flexible, offering a broad set of features and tunings that allow the eCanter electric drive system to optimize efficiency and performance.

The eCanter’s designers demanded very high peak torque under difficult operating conditions. In response, JDES completed a detailed drive cycle analysis that incorporated the thermal characteristics of the inverter. The result was a software upgrade that increased boost currents to 50% above previously rated limits for short periods of time.

JDES was also involved in ECE-R85 electric powertrain homologation testing. The traction motor, PD400 inverter, and the reference vehicle cooling system were assembled at JDES labs in Fargo, North Dakota.

“We sought out John Deere as an inverter supplier from their reputation for quality and integrity,” said Lars Schroeter, Head of xEV Powertrain Systems for Fuso. “After working with JDES we certainly see they deliver to this promise.”


Source: John Deere


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