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FREYR Battery to build Giga America battery plant in Georgia

Another day, another announcement of a new battery gigafactory. FREYR Battery has purchased a site in Coweta County, Georgia for its planned Giga America battery plant, and will begin detailed project engineering “in the coming months.”

FREYR plans to invest some $1.7 billion in the first phase of Giga America, which will be a cell production module with an annual capacity of approximately 34 GWh.  The company is also evaluating “upstream and downstream modules as well as additional cell production lines that are expected to bring total capital investments to more than $2.6 billion through 2029.”

The Giga America project will be based on the SemiSolid battery technology developed by FREYR’s US-based licensing partner, 24M.

FREYR is currently evaluating clean energy supply solutions with US-based independent power producers. The company’s long-term ambition is to use as much renewable energy as possible to run the plant, as it does at its existing Giga Arctic facility.

“Expanding into the US has been a foundational aspect of FREYR’s long-term strategy, and with the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, we expect US demand for ESS, passenger EV and other electric mobility applications to grow rapidly over the next decade,” said FREYR co-founder and CEO Tom Einar Jensen. “As we advance our US expansion plan in cooperation with our key stakeholders, we expect to make meaningful investments to spur job creation and the eventual development of localized, decarbonized supply chains in the US.”

Source: FREYR


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