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Fraunhofer Institute presents November workshop on lithium-sulfur batteries

The Fraunhofer Institute will hold its third annual workshop on lithium-sulfur batteries in Dresden, Germany, on November 12 and 13. Lithium-sulfur is a leading contender for the battery chemistry of the future, and Fraunhofer believes that novel materials such as nanostructured carbon/sulfur composite cathodes, solid electrolytes and alloy-based anodes will significantly enhance performance.

Dr Oliver Gröger from Volkswagen will give a talk on recent developments in Li-sulfur batteries with silicon anodes, with a comparison to commercially available NMC-based batteries. Dr Gröger is one of the inventors of a new metal-sulfur battery system that features a multi-layered separator to reduce polysulfide shuttling and dendrite growth from the metal anode.

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There will also be presentations on such topics as: cathode design and processing; solid electrolyte membranes and thin films as polysulfide shuttle barriers for Li-S cells; stabilization of sulfur and lithium sulfide cathodes by tuning particle architecture and electrolyte composition; and structure and morphology of carbon black and graphite.

Participants can also sign up for an optional tour of the Fraunhofer labs.


Source: Fraunhofer Institute via Green Car Congress
Image: faria!/Flickr

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