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EnergyX and ProfMOF partner on lithium-ion nanotechnology

Energy Exploration Technologies (EnergyX) and ProfMOF have announced a partnership to promote the use of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), a relatively new class of nanotechnology materials suitable for applications in the renewable energy and battery storage fields.

Capable of separating, transporting and isolating specific elements at the ionic level, MOFs are dense and malleable materials made up of metal nodes such as zirconium or titanium, connected by organic carboxylic ligands, with a large internal surface area and tunable pore sizes, set in a crystalline structure that can target and extract lithium or other salt species from brine.

“Metal-Organic Frameworks are a miracle material that will play a tremendous role in the energy transition,” commented EnergyX CEO Teague Egan. “MOFs have properties that we have never seen before, and EnergyX is partnering with the MOF world leaders to harness these powers.” 

ProfMOF CEO Einar Eiltersen added, “Metal-Organic Frameworks could truly help revolutionize how industries operate, and we are glad to know that EnergyX shares our vision. This partnership will bridge academia with technology, innovation and energy in a way that highlights the versatility of MOF technology and its potential as a world-changer. ”

Source: EnergyX 


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