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Delphi’s new 48 V mild hybrid system could see production in 18 months


Delphi Automotive (NYSE: DLPH) has unveiled a new 48-volt mild hybrid vehicle solution. The company says it is working with two global automakers on the system, and it could go into production within 18 months.

Delphi’s mild hybrid technology, which it showcased in a Honda Civic diesel, uses electrification to minimize the demand on the engine, which the company says increases low-end torque by 25% while lowering CO2 emissions by more than 10%.

48 Volt Mild Hybird 2016v

“Car buyers will buy 48-volt mild hybrids for the added performance, and car companies will offer the technology because it will help them comply with environmental regulations,” said Jeff Owens, Delphi’s Chief Technology Officer. “One out of every 10 cars sold globally in 2025 will be a 48-volt mild hybrid. That’s 11 million units a year – three times the volume of pickup trucks sold annually.”

“This is not only a significant step forward with reinventing the electrical architecture for dual voltage capability, it is also a triumph of software,” said Owens. “This intelligent approach to vehicle power, wiring and data management will not only improve fuel efficiency, but will also enable a world-class driving experience while providing additional power for active safety systems and increased connectivity in the car.”



Source: Delphi via Green Car Congress

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