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Coulomb Solutions to supply CATL battery systems for Workhorse commercial EVs

Commercial EV maker Workhorse has entered into a supply agreement with Coulomb Solutions (CSI), a distributor for Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) batteries, to provide battery systems for Workhorse’s electric delivery vehicles.

The CATL battery systems supplied by CSI will power Workhorse’s composite C-650 and C-1000 delivery vans starting in the second quarter of this year. CSI recently completed the validation of a new 120 kWh LFP battery system in Workhorse’s C-1000 delivery platform, and will be providing production quantities starting in May.

“We selected the CSI/CATL battery systems for their proven performance over the last decade in commercial EVs worldwide as well as their high safety level, light weight and wide range of off-the-shelf battery systems from 40 to over 600 kWh,” said Workhorse CEO Duane Hughes. “These systems will enable Workhorse to offer our customers a variety of EV driving ranges, with an excellent battery warranty backed by a global, blue-chip enterprise. Incorporating CSI/CATL battery systems into our vehicles enables us to provide a dual benefit of overall superior performance while supporting greater payload capacities.”

“CATL’s LFP battery systems are rated for 4,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge at 1C, which will provide the Workhorse vehicles with long battery life,” said CSI CEO David Mazaika. “Based on the proven capabilities of CATL battery systems, which have traveled over 25.6 billion miles in over 330,000 commercial EVs worldwide, we believe these new Workhorse vehicles will be setting the industry standard in reliability and performance.”

Source: Workhorse


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