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Bosch touts its compact and flexible electric motor

Bosch is singing the praises of its SMG 180/120 electric motor, a petite powerhouse that weighs only 32 kilos and “fits inside a typical school backpack” (a handy feature).

The permanent magnet synchronous motor is already used in several production vehicles, including the smart fortwo electric drive and Fiat 500e EVs, and the Peugeot 3008 diesel hybrid.

“The SMG 180/120 is the Bosch all-around solution for electromobility. It accelerates quickly over the first few meters and can be installed in electric vehicles as well as hybrids,” says Joachim Fetzer, who is in charge of electric vehicle and hybrid systems at Bosch.

In hybrids, the SMG 180/120 supports the combustion engine with an output of up to 40 kW. In plug-in vehicles, the SMG 180/120 delivers an output of 80 KW. It offers up to 200 Nm of instantly-available torque, and works at over 90% efficiency.

As is typical of electric motors, the SMG 180 includes a start-stop function and regenerative braking. It operates with only one conversion ratio, and offers flexible output speed of up to 12,800 rpm. Reverse gear is not engaged mechanically, but instead by changing the direction of electrical current.

So, how many do you want to order? But wait! There’s more:  Bosch’s motor is maintenance-free, and uses no oil or coolant. It can be placed at any desired location in the powertrain, which allows a vehicle’s front axle to be driven by the combustion engine while the rear axle is driven by the electric motor. This setup offers four-wheel drive functionality, as that offered by the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4.

Source: Bosch

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