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bdtronic to launch new oven for curing power electronic’s potting compounds

German mechanical engineering, process specialist and automated dispensing cell manufacturer bdtronic plans to offer standardized industrial ovens for heat-treating the components found in power electronics, on-board EV chargers, autonomous vehicle sensors and automotive tire-pressure sensors. The ovens are designed to cure epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones, as well as to preheat components.

bdtronic’s continuous ovens convey parts horizontally on two tracks. They are encapsulated to shield components from dirt, moisture and overheating. Inside, a fan and heating coil produce a longitudinal air flow that evenly heats or dries components. To minimize heat loss, the ovens have a recirculation system, special insulation and bulkheads.

The company says integrating its ovens into a production line provides many advantages, including optimizing cycle and process time, saving floor space, reducing energy consumption and improving process stability.

In the future, the company plans to manufacture the oven technology itself.

Source: bdtronic

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