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Amprius’s Si-Nanowire anode shortens charging time

Battery manufacturer Amprius Technologies is on a mission to reduce EV charging times. The company’s Amprius Extreme Fast Charge feature is enabled by its proprietary Si-Nanowire anode, which is thinner and lighter than conventional graphite anodes, and has much higher conductivity due to the high electrical continuity between silicon and the current collector. The Si-Nanowire anode structure also features very low tortuosity. 

Amprius says Extreme Fast Charge is available on battery cells that are currently in commercial production, and is currently used in a variety of products, including power-intensive drone applications. The battery cell offers specific energy of 370 Wh/kg, and supports applications that require very high sustained power levels.

“The need to shorten charge times extends well beyond the rapidly growing EV market and into the broader electric-mobility markets, including micro-mobility and aviation,” says Amprius COO Jon Bornstein.

Source: Amprius


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