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Amprius confirms 500 Wh/kg, 1,300 Wh/L battery platform

Amprius Technologies, which is developing a silicon anode battery platform, has proven a lithium-ion cell with 500 Wh/kg specific energy and 1,300 Wh/L energy density. The battery cell offers advanced performance and discharge times at half the weight and volume of current lithium-ion cells.

Mobile Power Solutions, a testing house, certified the platform’s 500 Wh/kg specific energy. The cell model achieves >504 Wh/kg and >1,321 Wh/L at 25° C. It can also be customized to enhance the energy content in a battery pack without increasing the weight, to reduce the weight in applications that require a fixed energy content, or both. Amprius says customers can use the 500 Wh/kg battery architecture for applications that need maximum discharge times without sacrificing important features such as payload or vehicle weight.

“These cells provide a run time of 200% compared to state-of-the-art graphite cells, while being lighter and smaller than other batteries with the same energy content,” said Jon Bornstein, President of Amprius Lab.

Source: Amprius Technologies

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