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6K invests $25 million in EV battery material development

Battery material manufacturer 6K has announced the creation of a Center of Excellence for its 6K Energy division, which will focus on the development of sustainable battery materials for EVs, grid storage and consumer goods. The company will invest $25 million over the next two years to triple the size of its facility in North Andover, Massachusetts. The company will expand the size of its product development team and enhance material testing capabilities.

The new facility will accommodate up to ten UniMelt systems that can each produce as much as 100 tons of material annually. This will support full-scale development of materials such as high-energy-density and single-crystal cathodes, solid-state electrolyte materials, silicon anodes for fast charging, and more. The expansion will create pilot production capabilities to support partner qualification and allow 6K Energy to offer dedicated UniMelt systems to customers, enabling the rapid commercialization of battery materials.

CEO Aaron Bent said, “Production of advanced materials for batteries is virtually non-existent in the US. The investment we are making in infrastructure and teams will accelerate our time-to-market to deliver lower cost, next-generation battery materials produced on US soil. The UniMelt platform’s sustainability benefits and the scale of the new Center of Excellence means that 6K Energy can deliver the advanced materials the market requires for next-generation batteries and the administration’s mandate for improvements in the supply chain for battery materials.”  

Source: 6K 


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