24M surpasses 250 Wh/kg on the road to 400+

Battery company 24M has announced that it has developed commercially viable Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) cells with an energy density above 250 Wh/kg. The company has also delivered similar NMC cells with an energy density above 280 Wh/kg to an industrial partner.

24M’s new NMC cells were built with the company’s SemiSolid lithium-ion battery design, which it claims can improve battery performance while reducing cost. 24M is hoping to achieve an energy density target of 350Wh/kg by the end of 2019, with the ultimate goal to exceed 400 Wh/kg.

“…we were able to leverage our novel electrode, cell and manufacturing approach to exceed 280 Wh/kg, a significant step towards delivering low-cost lithium-ion cells with industry-leading performance to the EV market,” said 24M CTO Naoki Ota.

Source: 24M

  • UnconventionalWisdom

    I wonder how much cobalt is needed in the design, given its problematic and costly sourcing.

  • SJC

    Sion/BASF already have 500 Wh/kg.

    • Tom Fullery

      Did they manage to improve on the estimated 450 life cycles?

      • SJC

        No, but the topic is energy density.